Thursday, 10 July 2008

Parliament Dress Code : Too Short ??

Journalist Denise Lee’s skirt which the security guards felt was too short. — NST picture by Mohd Yusni Ariffin

Another amusing news from our Parliament is on the new dress ruling especially for women dressing .. check out this news taken from NST. An incident which involves a journalist from Kwong Wah Daily were barred from entering the Parliament yesterday by the security guards whom turned fashion police , because in their opinion her skirt is too short, when its already at knee length ?? Some were even asked to pull down their skirts by a few inches ?? Then the journalist with so called short skirts would turn out wearing a skirt ala rapper.

While traditional dress is allowed..I would suggest the reporters to try to wear this to Parliament and see what would happen ?? Well the length is way pass the knee length and its traditional clothings mar........deng deng deng........

Nah..traditional costume and the length is way pass the knee length mar....cannot meh ??

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