Thursday, 17 July 2008

Beat inflation !!!! DIY art at frame

With the rising cost of living..its time for me to DIY myself a set of art to be place in my new home..all for less than RM50 !!!!!

Its kinda hot now adays to have 3 in 1 painting where,3 arts when put together would form 1 single piece of art..and this are expensive !!! Well I've found out an ingenious way to fabricate my own designer art for a fraction of the price...............

You would need some wood and a staple gun. In this case its 24" x 16 " .

In this case, a cloth from IKEA would be my piece of art .

Staple the edge together. Remember to staple both side for rigidity

Put the frame on the cloth and measure the area to be cut.

To leave at least 2 inch space to be folded and stappled .

Stapple the edges together.

Remember to pull the edges tightly before stappling.

Trickiest part is to make sure that the 2nd piece matches the 1st piece !!

Deng Deng !! The final work !!!!

Good luck in trying !!!! Hope this would suits the wall of my new home !!

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