Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hail OBAMA !!!

Congragulations to Barack Obama for being elected the 44th President of America and being the first Afro-American to do so . He is expected to take office as the new President on January 20, 2009. He also is currently the Junior United States Senator from Illinois. Obama is the Afro-American to be elected President of the United States, and was the first non-white to be nominated for President by a major U.S. political party.

Not only he's got the support of the Americans. being white or black, its great to see that he has also a huge following in Asia.

Extended family members of Barack Obama react as election results come in, at the family's homestead in Kogelo village, Kenya. Africans organized all-night parties to watch the U.S. election results roll in. Several hundred gathered in the village of Barack Obama's father cheer the election of a native son. Kenya declares Thursday a public holiday.

Sand sculpture of President-elect Barack Obama, created by Sudarshan Pattnaik, is seen on the beach in Puri, India, Wednesday.

Even spread to Obama's former school in Jakarta

Not forgetting the local residents of Obama town in Western Japan.

On the other side , I had a laugh this morning when I saw the Star when our PM qouted that " Anyone can become PM ". That if the change the current policies that the President of UMNO would automatically become the PM !!!!!!

2008 really has been seen many changes in the world , where many histories were created. In our own beloved bolehland, its the first time the opposition denied the coalition ruling part the 2/3 majority and has a say in the parliamane, and not forgetting few days ago Lewis Hamilton also created history as being the youngest F1 champion in F1 history and also the first Afro-American F1 champion !!!!

Yes, being black is power this year.......not forgetting ............

Guinness drink...........

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