Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Money No Enough 2

Following the success of "Money No Enough" (1998) ten years ago, which is undoubtedly Singapore's biggest box-office hit with an unsurpassed S$5.8 million, Jack Neo along with co-stars Mark Lee and Henry Thia are back in "Money No Enough 2".

This time, not only with their daring jokes which pokes their government, it also shows the ugly side of the people now.....not only Singaporeans but people as general....the greedy side and also the unfilial side. This is one of the few movies which really touched my heart deep inside and made me think and reminds us to treat our parents better.

The story revolves around three brothers from a middle-income background in contemporary Singapore. These are characters who are representative of the business owners, white and blue collar workers of Singaporeans also bring attention to the common man’s life in Singapore where the pursuit of money is a never ending passion .

As the winds of fortune changes, the brother’s begin to neglect their elderly mother. It was easy to be generous and filial during the good times but when household budgets tighten, what is the cost of true filial piety? Even the most basic arrangements, including whom mom should stay with, become a contentious issue.

Cast : JAck Neo , Henry Thia , Lai Meng , Vivian Lai , Lim Ru Ping


Vincent Lai said...

I have the DVD in the shelf but haven't got the time to watch it. Saw some of Jack Neo's movies in the past, I think by far his best is still "I Not Stupid". In spite of a poorly executed "Just Follow Law", I think the stories and what he tried to tell us, we can relate to.

tanalan2 said...

Watch faster..really touching !!!!

Anonymous said...

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