Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hatyai Trip ............

Its been our family routine to visit this southern Thailand city each year for our annual prayers, but it's been quite sometime since we last went, due to the insurgence in Southern Thailand. This city is really famous for its shopping,good food and ofcoz u know what rite ?? Its also know as ' Mens Heaven' for its flesh trade.

The seats are comfortable and even comes with a personal entertainment with video on demand

We usually drive up,but this time we tried taking a bus for the 10 hours journey. Its really worth it giving its only cost RM60/way .

The Famous Wat Saikao, located about 30 minutes away from Hatyai.

Its headed by Acham Pan. A very senior monk who decicated his life to the monastery.

Yummy yummy Thai

Yummy Som Tom, green papaya salad

Fried Black striped, a speciality of Songkhla. Also knows as Chai Yu Chai in cantonese.
Shark fins are widely available in the streets.

Another must have for me is the roadside fried stuffs like quail, drumsticks,prawns and crabs
Look at those huge prawns !! Costs B150 , B200 and B250 each.

Kan Eng restaurant- Highly recommended !!

This famous family restaurant comes highly recommended in my must-do list each time we visit Hatyai. They serves authentic Thai dishes with a very affordable price. Just hop on any tuk tuk and tell them Kan Eng for an experience you would never regret !!
Yummy fried fish cakes.
Fried pigs stomach with salted vegetable.

What is Thai food without Tom Yam Kung !!
Fried omellete with minced pork.

Total bill for 10 dishes for our family of 10 only comes to B1200 !! The fried omellete ishighly recommended. We had 2 of this !!

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