Sunday, 4 May 2008

Back to nature..Bukit Gasing explored

Its has been 2 weeks since we talked about trekking up Bukt Gasing forest reserve, but it has to be cancelled due to the weather, and we finally maked it on Labours Day holiday. It's been quite sometime since my last hike, and my first to Bukit Gasing. I would be ashamed that since its so near to KL, but I've not done it before....but now we've done it...half way.

There are no less than 10 different trails of varying difficulties in the forest today, giving anyone – from the beginner to the super-fit – a decent workout. It’s also a favourite with nature lovers who come here to view the leaf monkeys and do a bit of bird watching.

To our dismay find out that our usual trail has collapsed due to a landslide, some trees have fallen from the heavy rains. Gone are the stream and bridge and we has to walk thru some half walkable trail, lining behind some houses to bypass.

Cutting thru some forest trail in the first leg of the trail.

Since its been quite some time since my last trekking, I was quite tired being put thru the pace of climbing some steep earthtrail,coupled being hurt my knee due to an earlier fall just minutes ago,which my shoelace got entangled with a water pipe and being a humpty dumpty and fell flat on the floor.

Bukit Gasing should be rich with plnats and insects but unfortunately we didnt manage to catch a glimpse of that. Maybe we got on the wrong trail ??

A suspension bridge which cross over a small stream. Not frightening at all !! Was hoping for some Indiana Jones things, but its securely built with steel ropes.

Its been a good workout, my first to Bukit Gasing,but definitely wouldnt be the last. So we target to get to the top at 160m the next time aroundwhich gives a panoramic view of both Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Getting There: From the Federal Highway, exit at the EPF building on Jalan Gasing. Follow the road before taking a left at Jalan Lembah 5/2. ( Take a Chinese Temple as a landmark . The entrace is just beside the temple on your left ). At the next junction, turn into Jalan Tanjung 5/4. A wooden arch opposite a children’s playground marks the Bukit Gasing entrance.


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

waa so healthy ar... i need to go walk walk also :P

Eileen said...

I love hiking, even though I dun get much chances. And it is really hard to find people who enjoy hiking or nature.

Most of my friends will go, "You want me to use my money to suffer???"

Then I go =_=


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