Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Overweight problem ?? Wanna lose weight ?

Over weight and dont know what to do about it ? Wanna lose weight ??? Let me help you !! Introducing Mega-1 using advanced and unique technology from Switzerland combining with traditional chinese herbs to develop this revolutionary slimming product. At the same time it also cleanses and detoxifies your body system !

Its clinically proven and approved by the Ministry of health in Malaysia and Singapore.

Available in tea sachets and pills.

Please visit for more details. Special promotion available for readers members..just email me or drop me a message for more info. Proven results and guaranteed !!

Dealership enquiries welcome !!

PS : Mega 1 capsule is approved by HSA ( Health Science Authority ) and Malaysia's Ministry of Health MAL06030963TC

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Anonymous said...

how much is it?


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!